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Well, updates to Mom's site are more or less done.

Whoa...I didn't realize just how much we did 'till I looked at the navbar just now. We touched half the site...

Anyway, I'm not really done yet--we're working on a section for booksellers and some new mailing-list software. But we're almost done. w00t.

Not too bad to get $200 for A-kon...

Oh, and I found a workaround for my mouse problems. In a fit of fury at the USB ports when I was trying to Photoshop some pictures for the "Real Places" section, I remembered that most USB mice accept adapters for PS/2 ports. Fifteen minutes of mad searching later, I found an adapter in Dad's desk drawer. w00tw00t.

My C++ class was canceled today, but I went to school anyway. Why? Because it's near a shopping center with a 99 Ranch (Asian market chain--I think they're a West Coast chain, but I'm not sure). So I walked there, which took about twenty minutes--much better than the hour or so it would've been from home.

Well, I didn't realize it until I got there, but the whole shopping center is Asian stuff, and there were several bookshops in it. I didn't check any of them out, though...

One of the odd things about me is that I normally won't back down from doing something just because I don't fit the demographic for it. However, give me the slightest excuse, and I'll turn tail and run as fast as I can. In this case, "the slightest excuse" was that I didn't know which would have manga, and if any of them would have translated manga.

So I went into 99 Ranch and got some pocky. :^) Just chocolate--they had almond crunch and a couple other varieties, but I didn't really feel like experimenting. Three boxes was a bit under $5, much better than the manga shop at the Spectrum ($9). w00tw00tw00t. Then I walked back to school.

So...yeah. Pretty good day so far, I suppose. Now, back to the salt mines^W^Wweb site...