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If you're thinking about seeing Donnie Darko, rent it and watch it (with the lights on). You will be very confused. Then read its Wikipedia article and marvel at the sophistication of the concept and plot. And how the director doesn't seem to understand that things like, say, the whole frickin' idea of the movie should probably be in the film itself.

Seriously, it's very confusing, but once the plot is explained it makes a great deal of sense—and like opening a box and looking at an entangled particle, the confusion of the last two hours suddenly turns into entertainment. The movie itself is proof of time travel.

Unfortunately, I can see why the Goth kiddies love it. A shallow interpretation would be incredibly appealing, and even a proper one leaves a lot for them to enjoy.



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Nov. 7th, 2005 05:31 am (UTC)
Oh man, Donnie Darko freaking rocks, but only AFTER you read Philosophy of Time Travel. Once you google for a copy of that, the whole movie makes sense and becomes enjoyable, as you said. It's rather annoying, to me, that these important bits of information aren't contained within the movie itself, nor made widely known to the public as a whole in some way, shape, or form. (I honestly can't remember whether or not Philosophy of Time Travel is included on the originally released DVD as an extra or not).

Then again, it's kind of fun to have to go searching for the information yourself. It takes the movie to another level and brings it to a more realistic place. You have to look for the information in YOUR WORLD instead of having it handed to you in theirs.
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