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Second night

Second night of Hanukkah.

Okay, the first night, I got a rather nice Logitech cordless keyboard/mouse set. The keyboard has a wonderfully thought-out layout—most notably, the Ins/Del/Home/End/PgUp/PgDn area has been completely reorganized to be much more logical, but there are all sorts of other things involving the spacing and shape of the keys which simply make it a beautiful keyboard. The mouse is a laser optical mouse, so it's better at picking up the surface it's being used on, but is otherwise unexciting. I really like it, though.

Tonight I got a $15 iTunes gift card and half of a weekend characterization seminar in March. (It's expensive enough that Mom felt it had to be spread over two nights.) Blake, Dev, and Mom will be going too. Should be very interesting.

I also made a purchase today: a USB 5.1 surround sound "card". I hooked it and the keyboard up to my laptop and took my desktop off my desk. If I don't have problems with this configuration (and I am having a couple, but I think they're solvable, although one may require me to get a more expensive sound thingy), I may repurpose my desktop—perhaps as a household media server or something.

Other than that, I helped my grandparents with the last of their heavy-stuff moving today. This included a TV so heavy we all agreed it must've been made behind the Iron Curtain. That observation inevitably led to a joke that would make a Slashdotter cringe:

In America, you turn off the TV when you're done with it. In Soviet Russia, TV offs you!



Dec. 28th, 2005 06:47 am (UTC)
Gra! You bought the wireless version of Shannon's keyboard!

  1. Home and End should be vertical! Even if, by default, every program out there implements them as BOL EOL. Plus now I'm hitting End when I wanted Home, a complete swap of what I think that key should do.
  2. Page Up and Page Down were already vertical, so this isn't too significant.
  3. Holy fuck it's easy to accidently press Delete when I wanted End! or Enter, if my right hand is sloppy enough.
  4. It's harder to use the insert key now.
  5. Scroll lock was already kinda out of the way, along with printscreen and pause/break (which I actually use on occasion). No qualms here.
  6. The dimples on Caps/Num lock are cool.
  7. The cursor keys arn't far enough to the right, I find I hit the right arrow when I wanted down.

In summary, while some of these changes are ok, I abhor the matrix-flip done unto my beloved 3x2 ins/del/home/end/pu/pd keygroup. But those are my gripes, not yours. Happy hacking Brent!