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Weekday Update

Been sick and disinclined to post here since my cruise, but here's the executive summary:

The only really interesting thing I did on it was geocaching on Catalina Island. The city of Avalon, as it turns out, is positively swimming in geocaches, and before we left we printed coordinates for five of them. We found four, including one that took about a quarter mile of hiking. We also ran into about a dozen other geocachers, all of whom said the fifth cache seemed to have gone missing, because none of them could find it. It was a very fun day; I still have a couple pictures from the hiking cache I need to copy off my camera.

Also brought along my new Harry Potter books and got into the middle of Prisoner of Azkaban before stepping off the ship. Sadly, these have been edited quite a bit, and deviate noticably from even older American editions; the amusing phrase Happy Christmas is now gone, and a reference to someone having a harelip in Chamber of Secrets was changed to hairy chin, presumably to avoid offending people. V. annoying. I'm now most of the way through Goblet of Fire, by the way.

I loved both of the new albums I took with me. Maybe six months ago I listened to the previews of The Postal Service's songs on iTunes, and decided not to get the album; on actually hearing it, though, it's clear that their music has a magic to it that simply doesn't come out in thirty-second clips. It's a sort of soothing electronic sound with intelligent lyrics; I think I've fallen in love. I recommend it to anybody who likes their singles. The Faint's new album is also pretty good; I mostly alternated between the two as I was reading my Harry Potter books.

Nifty news coming up, but I'll wait to post about it just to taunt you.
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