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Day Eleven

Well, it's the middle of day twelve right now. I'll report on that later, but for now...

Day: 11
Location: Washington

We decided to do the Smithsonian museum for as long as we could for the day.

For those who aren't aware, the Smithsonian is a collection of museums in Washington. They belong to the people of the United States, and contain some absolutely awesome stuff. There are thirteen museums in the Smithsonian, but it's also a center for scientific and historical research.

We started at the Smithsonian Castle, the oldest of the buildings. The only parts of it accessible to tourists are Smithson's grave (the guy who started it) and an orientation movie.

Next, we looked at an exhibit on genetics. It was short and very kid-oriented, but interesting nonetheless.

Then we moved on to the National Air and Space Museum.

Every science fiction fan must make sure they visit the NASM before they die. They have the capsules from Friendship 7 (the first orbital Mercury mission), Gemini IV (the first spacewalk mission), and Apollo 11 (duh). They have a variety of backups and prototypes of spacecraft. They have aircraft used by the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. They have an X-1, a mockup Skylab, and three-tenths of a Saturn V engine.

In short, they have many, many, many Cool Things.

My parents practically had to drag me out. They had to promise that we could come back if time permitted. And right after I'd found the cabin repress valve in the LEM...

Next, we went to the natural history museum. We visited their extensive collection of gems, a bunch of dinosaur bones, and the "insect zoo". It was all quite interesting, but not as cool as the earlier museum.

I suppose I'm lucky my family is as intellectual as it is--otherwise, I'd never be able to spend as much time in the Smithsonian as I did. We made plans to visit the American history museum the next day (the same day I'm writing this).

After that, we went back to the room and rested. We went out for dinner later (Dad dropped his mini-bombshell while we were going to dinner) and were planning to visit the monuments at night, but it got too late, so we came back to the room.

Well, we're about to go to dinner, probably followed by...something. What, I don't know, since there's not much to do in Washington at night, but the parents probably thought of something.

Report on today is probably coming after I get back tonight...

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