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I particularly like the second verse...
The news has got me paranoid.
Papers and the news reports,
Casualties of every war,
The anchor people keeping score.
The weapons now are chemicals,
In water and in air above,
In circulating envelopes,
In powder through the postal routes.

The threat of a disease is here.
We nipped it once without a cure.
It took forever 'til it stopped
Through mandatory needle shots.
They gave us all a little dose,
To teach our bodies how to cope.
Finally, when we had it licked,
Some terrorists are back with it.

The propaganda's working now,
I'm falling for it hook and reel,
I'm stocking up on medicine,
Buying tape to seal us off in paranoia.
Paranoia (x11)

Paranoiattack, paranoiawar,
Paranoia sinks like a bomb.
Paranoiathreat, paranoiaffects,
Paranoia drops bombs.

Tags: c-kun

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