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More on the fanfic site

So, I'm working on a list of the global tags—that is, the ones that apply to all fandoms. The list so far is below; please take a look and let me know if you have any comments on it.

genreVignetteVignette (Introspection/Character Study)
elementChallengeChallenge Fic
elementXFandomCross-Fandom (Crossover Between Universes)
elementXSeriesCross-Series (Crossover Within Universe)
elementDrabbleDrabble (50, 100, or 200 Word Story)
elementFemslashRomFemale-Female Romance
elementLangInappropriate Language
elementHetRomMale-Female Romance
elementSlashRomMale-Male Romance
elementNewWorldNew World (Major Alternate Universe)
elementWhatIfWhat If (Minor Alternate Universe)
restrictionDevSexDeviant/Unusual Sexuality (unacceptable to most readers seeking sexual content)
restrictionExLangExtreme Abusive Language
restrictionExVioExtreme Violence
restrictionFemslashSexFemale-Female Sex
restrictionHetSexMale-Female Sex
restrictionSlashSexMale-Male Sex

A point of clarification: the "DevSex" tag indicates that a story contains content that most readers actively searching for HetSex or SlashSex content would find disturbing or distasteful. It's very much a judgment call. (I'd love help refining this definition, by the way.)

EDIT: Added genre "Crack"; removed element "PWP"; split out femmeslash from normal slash.

Also, chiave_trust asked in an IM what the difference between genre "Smut" and the various "Sex" restrictions was. The genre tags are meant to describe the primary content of a story; a story should rarely have more than two. The element and restriction tags, on the other hand, give further details on a story's contents; this is more of a "choose all that apply" affair. So, for example, a fic that includes a sex scene but is primarily about solving a mystery should have genre "Mystery" and restriction "HetSex" (or "SlashSex", or "FemslashSex", depending on the pairing). A fic should only have genre "Smut" if it's primarily about the sex.
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