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Leaving my baby

So, Motoko (my laptop) has been acting up.

Specifically, there are problems with her power supply. When she's turned off, she can only charge the battery a little bit; when she's turned on, she sometimes discharges the battery even when plugged in. (I wrote a bit of shell script to be sure--something like this:

(while true ; do grep 'current capacity' /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/status ; sleep 2 ; done ) | perl -ne '$_ = /(\d+)/; if($_ < $x) { print "-" } elsif($_ > $x) { print "+" } $x = $_'

And it confirmed that the charge was going up and down while the computer was plugged in.) And the end of the plug tends to heat up to the point that touching it causes minor burns. Someone online thought the heat thing might indicate a potentially dangerous short, so I spent the last two days getting my desktop working again and copying everything over. Finally, today I brought the laptop back to Microcenter, and they're sending her to the manufacturer for repairs. They said they might have to wipe the hard drive, but I hope they don't.

I lucked out—the warranty runs out next Tuesday.

In other news, my sister and I finished the second draft of part one of our book, just in time for her to turn it in for her Creative Writing class. Mom's horribly jealous of it—she seems to think that something as good as it is shouldn't be writable in the few hours we spent on it. (Either of us can bang out a rough draft of a five manuscript-page chapter in a couple hours; then the other person edits it and we have a first draft. Subsequent drafts mean that we sit together and argue over the chapter, with one of us occasionally spending half an hour rewriting a couple pages and then the other editing the changes.) My sister introduces most of the awesomeness, though; the difference betwen my version and hers is often amazing.

And in other other news, I have homework this weekend. Oh joy.


Jun. 24th, 2006 01:10 am (UTC)
In order to assure that the machine is operating "correctly", you'll probably be the proud new owner of a pirated / volume licenced XP Home install.

Nah, it'll be XP Pro—there's a sticker on the bottom and everything. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing; I'll just let the Dapper installer resize the Windows partition and I'll be able to dual-boot. (And if I ever get that copy of x86 OS X my sister's friend said he'd give me, it'll be triple-boot...)
Jun. 24th, 2006 02:31 am (UTC)