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Back in California. I'm never flying through Houston again—the inter-terminal train there sucks royally. It stops for about ten minutes at each terminal and moves really slowly between them. I had to run to reach my plane.

Motoko was ready to come home. I'm glad to have her back—the Windows-based cheapie laptop I brought to MS is much bulkier, has significant heat issues, and doesn't have Linux installed. Considering that she charged up to 100% and has been staying there, I'd say she's working just fine. (Oh, and the technicians tightened all the screws and fixed the hinges, so her case is in better condition than it's been in months.)

Got some financial issues to deal with now, though. The people who host Mom's bookstore site need our new credit card number, and a collections agency is after me for (new) fines on the car I traded in a year ago. I e-mailed the web host today, and I'll harass the dealership tomorrow to see why the state thinks I still own the car in question.

And it's going to be a homework weekend...

Welcome back to real life, I suppose. At least the book Liz gave me is made of awesome.


Jul. 21st, 2006 06:24 am (UTC)
I'm not the host for Mom's website; she uses a host that has services specifically geared towards promoting romance authors. And I actually have a separate host for the bookstore, which needs SSL support so it can safely handle credit cards—it's cheaper to pay a few bucks a month for access to a server with a shared certificate than it is to buy a certificate of my own.