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House drinking game

I decided tonight to try to create a drinking game for House. Comment with suggestions for new rules; I'll edit the good ones into this post.

Take a drink when...
  • House introduces himself to a patient by saying "I'm Dr. House".
  • House pops a Vicodin.
  • Foreman's race comes up. (last three brentdax)
  • House makes fun of Cameron's sensitivity.
  • House makes a suggestive comment to Cuddy.
  • House interrupts one of Wilson's consults. (last three bgmaster)
  • House suggests vasculitis is the cause of a patient's illness. (based on bgmaster)
  • A test or treatment involves a really big needle. (based on chiave_trust)
The one-rule variant: Take a drink every time House makes a sarcastic or smug remark. (southernbeatnik)
Tags: entertainment

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