Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax

Oxford again

I'm sitting above Oxford's High Street, which is currently being torn up by big yellow machines.

Other than the construction, Oxford is about how I remember it. I really do love it here. Dunno why Hawking works at The Other Place. I do get lost sometimes, but it's fun getting lost—you see interesting things.

One of the other students told me yesterday that a student ID card will get you into any of the colleges for free. Since I'm a hopeless Harry Potter geek, I think a visit to Christ Church College is in order. I'm also going to visit the University Press bookstore if I can—I want to see if they have any books on alchemical symbolism. Ever since I read about Rowling's use of it, I've been interested to see if I can integrate it into my own writing. And I still want to go to the Bodleian Library—as a reader I should be able to get into places normal visitors can't.

The test on Saturday wasn't too bad. I had to pick five questions, so I one on programming with a Turing-esque language called Bare Bones (they wanted me to think of features I thought would add power to the language and explain my reasoning), two on Java (mostly syntax stuff, although there was an interesting sub-question about declarative languages), and two on the Internet. I completely avoided the units I was weak on (Human-Computer Interfaces, Multimedia, Aids to Decision-Making, and the introductory Systems Analysis material).

The summer school is basically all about Systems Analysis, but fortunately I'm better at the hands-on stuff we're doing here than I was at the stuff in the homework.

Oh, my tutor group was absolutely decimated. Last year we had ten people. One of them (Leo, one of the three geeks in the group) transferred to another group after a dispute with the tutor and five others didn't come to summer school—I don't know if they failed out or deferred to later years. That leaves just Sam (the other geek), Philip (who's sixtysomething and fairly new to computers but catches on quickly), and Musa (who's African and honestly very difficult for me to understand). We're trying to come up with a Latin motto for ourselves that runs along the lines of "We're still here" (or "Not dead yet!"). There are also a few jokes about "there can be only one".

And I'm off. I bought a pass for T-Mobile hotspots and I'll have Internet access in my dorm starting tonight, so I should be in touch.
Tags: school, travels

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