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The Ninety-Ninety Rule

The Jargon File includes a quote from an early British computer scientist: "The time from now until the completion of the project tends to become constant."

That's very much what this feels like.

Friday, Mom zenned the idea of a "street team" of fans who help promote her books. One of the benefits she wanted was a members-only message board, so I spent most of yesterday setting up YaBB and hacking on it to remove all outward signs of the registration process.

I also deleted and re-initialized the mailing list database, so we'd have a fresh one that wasn't full of test addresses and messages. A bug popped out of the woodwork at the eleventh hour--I'd forgotten to escape quotes in <input type="hidden"> fields, with the result that the end of the message was chopped off. There's also still some weird problems with the wrapping stuff, forcing her to reformat her excerpts to the Internet-standard two-lines-between-each-paragraph (instead of one-line-plus-indent).

Of course, all this crap is making me grouchy. Apparently in an attempt to cheer me up, she upped my payment from $200 to $300. Which is nice, I suppose, but hardly reflective of the work I'm doing. I mean, if you assume I've worked four hours a day (which have been the shortest days--the longest have been twelve hours by conservative estimates) for five days, at my normal hourly rate, I'd charge $600. At my normal per-page rate, I'd charge $650 as it's architected, but I'd probably give in to the desire to split the mailing list into several pages, which would raise that price a few hundred more and make me much happier with the design besides.

Actually, I'd charge more than that, because I updated a lot of pages too.

In any case, she's giving me a slightly better bad deal and expecting me to be a happy little slave.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that some of the moderation duties on this forum will fall to me. Even though I'm not gonna get paid for it and I couldn't care less about the middle-aged ladies who will probably be the forum's main population or what they're talking about. And I also know that when someone cracks the inadequate security on the registration, the blame will fall on me, even though I warned her about it.

Whatever. It'll be over by Tuesday--the mailing list has to be ready by then, for various reasons. So I'll just deal and be happy I got another $100 for A-kon.

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