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Monster Post of Monsters

Lotsa little topics I want to talk about.


When I finally slept, I slept for 12½ hours. I could've gone longer, but I know from experience that I feel terrible if I sleep for too long.

I've concluded that there may be something to the idea of living on a 36-hour day. Wake up at ten AM, stay up till ten AM the next day, sleep until ten PM, stay up till ten PM the next day, sleep until ten AM, ad infinitum. I think my brain seems to not work right for the first few hours after I wake up, so that kind of schedule would maximize the number of hours awake when my brain would be fully operational.

Too bad society expects you to match your sleep cycles to the fiery ball o' fire in the sky.


I got five songs this weekend.

Four were part of some sort of breast cancer thingy from the supermarket. They were Windows Media files, and of course were DRMed. Emphasis were. FairUse4WM (which in this case was correctly named) took care of that; I dragged the decrypted files into iTunes, which converted them to MP3s so I could put them on my iPod. They actually had a pretty good selection, so I grabbed a few songs:
  • Dashboard Confessional – Don't Wait, because I liked "Vindicated"
  • The Killers – When You Were Young, because "Hot Fuss" totally won at life
  • Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars, because I've seen it in about a million "music" fields from interesting folks on LJ
  • The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cheated Hearts, because I have another song of theirs and I was already in the "Y"s without finding anything else.
The Dashboard Confessional one is a bit lame; I guess I didn't realize the degree to which their songs all resemble each other. The other three were good choices, though.

The other was even more of an accident. I've long been very fussy about title and artist tags, and about six months ago I went and sorted everything into five broad genres, but the recent iTunes upgrade added an album-art download feature based on artist and album. (No, Motoko's not running Windows; we have a fairly crappy Windows laptop I'm using just for IE testing and music.) So I've been retagging my MP3s recently with album names. For most bands, that just means typing the title and artist into Google, which quietly added a "search practically every album ever released by a record label" feature at some point.

God, I love Google.

Anyway, it turned out there was one band that wasn't quite adequate for: Evanescence. A lot of their songs were simply labeled as "Demos", some were missing album tags entirely, and so on. So I went over to Wikipedia, which has pretty good discography for them, and sorted everything out. I now have six songs in "2001-2002 Demos" with a picture of the logo as artwork, and one song from the Sound Asleep EP with a picture of a signed copy of the CD as artwork, since that album had no artwork whatsoever. (They literally made fifty CD-Rs and sold them at concerts. Incidentally, if you happen to come across a copy that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount of money, almost anything that rare from a band I like is a love-you-forever level gift. ;^) )

I also discovered that they're releasing a new album tomorrow (although at that time it was "in three days", not "tomorrow"). And that if you pre-ordered from iTunes, you got an extra song, a video of an interview, and a pony or something. And a free copy of the single immediately.

So I did.

And it's a good single. And I suspect my music for the next week or so is going to be very repetitive. But that's not a bad thing.


So I went to the Angels game yesterday. Which involved driving on busy freeways while sleep-deprived, but I survived in one piece, largely due to the influence of two large Cokes.

It was the last game of the season. But it was also the last game Tim Salmon will play. If you're not from around here, you probably don't know about Salmon—he played in the MLB for fourteen years, all with the Angels. Pretty good player, too, although he's had trouble with his knees lately, which is why he's retiring. Anyway, he had 299 home runs going into the game. 300 is a sort of threshold in baseball.

The Angels hit four home runs. None of them were Salmon's.

That's the kind of game it was. None of the pitchers on either side could pitch—there was one inning where the Angels changed pitchers about three times. Both sides had big, game-altering flukes. The lead changed four or five times. The Angels ended up losing in the tenth inning, after the pitcher took a ball to the groin and promptly missed a throw to first base by about twenty feet.

Oh well. It was an exciting loss, at least, and I'm pretty sure Salmon knew how much he'd be missed. An entire stadium standing and cheering every time you step up to the plate will do that.


I haven't had breakfast in a long time. I haven't been up early enough for it in a long time. What to do, what to do...


Yes, I believe in gay rights, because I think everybody should be able to do whatever they want as long as nobody gets hurt. No, I won't spread that meme about it directly, because I artificially select memes for cleverness and amusement, and this one doesn't have either.

Moving on.


I can now create accounts and log in—models, views, and controllers are now in place for all that. I can browse through accounts, although there's not much to see yet, since I haven't implemented documents. Adding and removing colleagues now works, which means that the model can do the same for groups, although only half of the controllers and none of the views are there yet. (The controllers I've written thus far don't have any views at all.)

And I've discovered that flash is my friend. (Not Flash. If you know what flash is, you're either a Catalyst geek or a Rails geek; either way, I salute you, because you're a cleverly lazy hacker.)


I wrote a module that does some minorly crypto-related stuff. Crypt::SaltedStretched helps you salt and stretch passwords (i.e. process them adequately). Once I've gotten over my (very, very strong) "I'm not a cryptographer, I shouldn't be releasing crypto stuff" reflex, it'll be on CPAN.


The Edgy Eft beta is out. I snagged an ISO via BitTorrent (it only took an hour or so), so I'll be testing it out on Yomiko sometime soon.


I've finally decided to succumb, so I subscribed to a particular HP shipping-related podcast and enjoyed it. Although they kinda suck when you're programming—both activities require the linguistic bits of your brain. I could only do pretty basic CSS stuff while I was listening to it.

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