Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax

Spent the morning at the new house. Dad and my brother futzed around with tape measures, measuring every aspect of most of the rooms in the house, and I wrote them all in on a roughly-sketched floor plan. (And I do mean every aspect—including the positions of windows and doors, the widths of fireplaces, the heights, widths, and depths of niches...)

At some point I'll make scale drawings of the rooms on graph paper. Then we'll make scale cutouts of all our furniture and figure out how to lay everything out. We've been using that technique for years to arrange furniture without moving it around (but we've never done a whole house before, of course...).

Then we looked into the wiring.

Okay. The house we're getting is one of the last ones in the tract it's in; apparently the people who were intending to buy it couldn't for some reason, so the builder was desperate enough to give us for free all the upgrades the original buyer wanted and still take an offer that knocked nearly 10% off the asking price. But as a result, we have to deal with the original buyer's tastes, which weren't terribly good.

For example, the carpet sucks; Mom wants to replace it before we move in. The walls are all plain white, so we'll probably paint several rooms.

And they had it wired up like complete idiots. Most rooms have two phone jacks and no data lines. There are only four Ethernet lines in the house—one to the kitchen, one to the family room (which we're using as a game room), and two (!) to the master bedroom.


Fortunately, the phone lines they pulled are Cat 5E and they're using this wiring system, so we can swap out some of the RJ-11 jacks for RJ-45 and move the other ends of those lines from the phone distribution hub to the networking hub. It's going to involve lots of fucking around with a punchdown tool, though.

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