Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax

Voted. For a mix of Republicans (all in tight races against really evil Democrats*) and Libertarians at the state level, and Libertarians at the federal (since there's no hope of defeating either our Democratic Senator or our Republican Representative).

Locally, I skipped over a bunch of "is this guy an okay choice for an associate justice?" questions that I didn't have an opinion on and decided to leave to people who knew what they were like. I voted for the only candidate for the school board who didn't try to take credit for our schools being good (he also rather sharply criticized a plan to build a new administration building when the actual schools are increasingly having to install portable classrooms). And in city council and mayor races, I voted against the local political machine.

As far as the measures go, I voted against all the bonds (ugh). I voted for eminent domain restrictions and an amendment that would force the state to spend gas tax money on transit. And I voted against a law that would put GPS trackers on sex offenders. (If they're still a danger, they should still be in prison; if they're not, there's no need to track them. And it'd add a lot of noise to police investigations.)

Incidentally, they hooked up printers to the voting machines. You don't get to keep the receipt, but you get to examine it and confirm that it's correct, and then they can do a recount off of it. Huzzah.

* And I mean really evil. There's one guy running who had the largest ethics fine in the history of California levied against him.
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