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We're starting to think about how the furniture will be laid out in the new house.  When we rearrange a room, we usually do it by sketching it out (to scale) on graph paper, cutting out to-scale pieces of graph paper to represent the furniture, and then moving all the furniture around the room until we're happy with the arrangement.

I spent a couple nights doing this and finally finished on Wednesday night.  When Dad looked at it, though, he wasn't very happy with it--I had used a scale of one square = 5 inches, which is about the largest I could get away with and still be able to fit all the rooms.  The problem, of course, was that five inches is an incredibly inconvenient number to work with.

So I sat down tonight to sketch them out again with a one square = 6 inches scale.  And then I realized something.

There are basically two things involved in sketching a room:
  1. Drawing boxes with straight edges.
  2. Performing simple computations to handle a scale factor.
As it turns out, there's a computer program that excels at doing simple math and then drawing boxes on the screen.  It's called "Mozilla Firefox".

So I described the rooms as XML:
<room xmlns=""
        width="170.5" height="206" scale="2">
    <name>Living room</name>
    <thing type="deadspace" top="61.5" height="83.75" left="0" width="2"></thing>
    <thing type="deadspace" top="63.5" height="79.75" left="2" width="23">
    <aperture type="window" surface="left" top="36" height="23"></aperture>
    <aperture type="window" surface="left" bottom="34" height="23"></aperture>
    <aperture type="window" surface="top" left="58" right="58"></aperture>
    <aperture type="walkway" surface="right" top="60" bottom="61">
And then wrote some simple style sheets to render it and a little bit of JavaScript to convert the various sizes to style= attributes, based on the specified scale.

Thus far, it works like a charm.  Next up: allowing people to create furniture and move it around the room with drag-and-drop.
Tags: geekiness, hacking, life, new house

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