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Details, details

Now that I have time, details are possible...

First of all, it's a driver's license, baka. :^P As with all new licenses for minors in CA, it's provisional (curfew for a year, no driving other kids around without an adult in the car for six months), but those restrictions are dropped on my eighteenth birthday. That's six days from now. :^)

My insurance disappeared as soon as the permit was converted to a license, but Mom'll take care of that tomorrow morning (she didn't call until after her agent had left for the day). So I'll probably be driving myself to school tomorrow...after a stop at B&N, of course. *grins evilly* I'll probably stop at 99 Ranch on the way home, too--ran out of pocky a few days ago.

I kinda...just barely...passed the test. *eyeshift* But a lot of those were markdowns for traffic checks I know I did--she just wasn't convinced, apparently. I went too slow in one section--I was averaging 20mph in a 30 zone. It was hilly in an underpowered car, but what the hell.

Oh yeah, I got a few points knocked off for something I couldn't figure out--"Signal" in the "Backing" section. What the hell is that supposed to be?

So...yeah. I have my license, and in six days I'll have my majority. w00tw00t. Would've been nice if I could have had it in time for the recall, but... *shrugs*

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