Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax

At about four o'clock today, I was listening to an audiobook of Emma by Jane Austen and baking.  I suppose I should explain why.

Well, the book is part of my ongoing self-taught "Potter Shipping Studies".  Emma is one of Rowling's favorite books, and although it's not at all my genre, I can see why—the plotting is superb.  The Portkey folken already spoiled me for the ending, but that just means I can see how she's constructing her red herrings, and it's really very clever.  Unfortunately, the writing is very hard to get through, but the audiobook makes that much easier to cope with.  (You can get Oggs, MP3s or iTunes audiobook files from Project Gutenberg for free; I'm listening to them on my iPod.)

As for the baking:  It's finals week at community college.  The Econ final yesterday was a breeze, although a question occurred to me while I was working on it; as a result, I ended up drawing a line at the bottom of a short-answer question and writing "P.S. Are food stamps part of the money supply?" along with my e-mail address.  This amused me to no end.

The College Writing final tonight was a bit harder.  It was an in-class essay; the teacher gave us excerpts from four short stories we previously read, and we had to develop a thesis from one of the excerpts and then write an essay supporting it, all within an hour.  I was writing the last sentence I'd planned for the conclusion when he called time, so things worked out nicely.

(Oh—I managed to hyperfocus through the first 45 minutes, so chiave_trust's nefarious attempt to distract me failed.  Huzzah.)

But afterwards we had planned a to have a potluck.  Being an open source hacker, I could hardly ignore those plans, so I made cone cakes.  They're basically cupcakes, except that instead of putting the cake batter in little paper cups you put it in ice cream cones; Mom's made them since approximately the birth of the Universe, but this was the first time I'd ever made them.  They came out alright (I need to work on finding the exact right amount of batter per cone, though), and people liked them.

In any case, I think I need to watch an action movie tomorrow or something to reassert my masculinity.  Maybe I'll do that while the Roomba's wandering around the new house picking up all the bits of carpet.
Tags: books, community college, geekiness, new house, potter, school

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