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So, today Dad deigned to actually talk to the phone company and DSL provider.

To refresh your memory, we're planning to move next weekend.  (Yes, right before Christmas—there are some definite advantages to being a heathen Jew.)  The new house is a few miles from our current one (we can actually see our current house from the new one, although I'd be hard pressed to pick it out without binoculars), so Dad figured that we probably would have the same phone C.O. and thus could keep the same phone number.  We even sent out a notice with our Christmas cards listing our new address and saying our phone number would stay the same.  He thought the phone company could probably even move the DSL with the phone line, so as soon as we had a dial tone we'd have Internet too.

Well, today Dad called the phone company and found out that he was simply wrong.  The new house has a different C.O., so we can't keep our phone number.  (They can set up forwarding for about $20/month, but ugh.)  He also called the DSL provider (we use a third-party company) and found out that they would have to submit it to the phone company as a new order.  Time to install: One to three weeks.  And that's after we get our phones hooked up.  And if the phone company doesn't jerk the DSL provider around, which they sometimes do.

The phone company thinks they can have us hooked up by Monday, so we'll not have Internet for at least three or four days after we move, and possibly a couple weeks.  We'll probably be busy during that time, but that also means I can't move the server.  It also means that our IP address will change.

The bright side is that, since it's essentially a new order, they won't cancel the DSL or phone service at our current house until we tell them to, so we can leave the server here until the new house has Internet.

Still, I'm pretty annoyed at Dad.  He should've been looking into this stuff weeks ago instead of making assumptions.

I also wish I had a couple cantennas or something so I could put that line of sight to good use.

In other news:

A lot of our new furniture arrived today.  The nook set is quite nice.  The living room is a little boring-looking (it's basically variations of brown) but it's comfortable and Mom thinks she can do something to liven it up.  My brother's bedroom set is frankly gorgeous—it's all dark wood, iron rivets, and leather with vaguely Celtic motifs (which is pretty appropriate for the guy who collects replica swords like some people collect stamps); he went deep into debt with the parents to get it, but he probably thinks it's worth every penny.  The desk and dresser my sister got today are very nice as well.

Also got the new bookshelves for my room, which (besides a desk chair) are the only new furniture I'm getting.  They're pretty nice, but I have to put them together, which is a tad painful.  The worst part, though, is hammering in the last of the fifty nails holding the back to the shelves, only to realize you have to do the whole damn thing two more times.

Oh, first night of Hanukkah tonight.  Got a Star Trek: First Contact poster from my sister (she got a movie poster for each of us to decorate the media room) and a box of various caffeinated things from Mom:
  • Nine chocolates.
  • Five tins of mints.
  • Three packages of gum.
  • Three lip balms (!).
  • Shower gel.
There are no duplicates—eight of the chocolates are the same brand but different flavors, and the rest is all different brands.  And all of it's highly caffeinated.

Mom's fucking brilliant.

And yesterday I got several bookmarks (which I need desperately) and a copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass from chiave_trust, who was shocked when I told her I'd never read them.  w00t!  Quite aside from having a good reputation themselves, they'll fit nicely into my Potter education—I seem to remember some of the alchemy types muttering about them.

(Speaking of the Potter alchemy types, I had no idea salamon2 had an LJ. Hi!)
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