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Life in five minutes

Holy shit, I haven't posted here in forever.  Okay, here's the story as quickly as possible:
  • New House
    In it.  Adore it.  And I have the awesomest improvised whiteboard ever.  Although I keep putting off finishing unpacking my room.
  • Internet
    Got the Fucking Magic Internet online.  After a problem where our first radio crapped out, things have been going pretty smoothly.
  • Server
    I signed up for Google Apps for Your Domain, which means that my server isn't directly handling my e-mail anymore.  It also means that Gmail no longer throws away all my PayPal e-mail, since the SPF checks pass.  Yay.
  • Classes
    Taking four classes this semester--College Writing 2, Psychology, Logic, and Microeconomics.  I've had two weeks so far.  Writing is okay so far; we're not going to have to write about literature this semester, which is a total win.  Psych seems alright, but we'll see.  I don't really feel like we've done much in Logic yet.  Microceconomics is with the same econ teacher I had last semester,who I liked a lot, but thus far most of what we've learned was covered in Intro to Economics last semester.
  • Family
    My sister's been accepted to the college we're both trying to go to.  Hurray.  Only now Mom's on my ass to get my application done.
  • Laptop
    I've been having trouble for a while keeping the power cord seated properly in my laptop.  To make it worse, my battery is now convinced that it's getting old; it's holding about 45% of its design capacity.  And it was at 70+% a few weeks ago, so I think it's just confused.
  • Work
    Have a client.  She runs a bookstore booth at Scottish fairs and wants a website, including both a calendar of upcoming fairs and an online bookstore.  That's keeping me busy.
  • Homework
    Also have a draft paper due tomorrow in Writing.  That's keeping me busy too.
  • Health
    Oh, and I have a nasty cold, which isn't helping.
And that's life at the moment.