Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
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Something finished

So, I graduated today.

I now have a very nice, creamy, thick, watermarked piece of paper certifying that the Continuing Education Board of Oxford University has determined my exam results are up to snuff.  That's basically how they put it, which makes sense when you consider the way most of Oxford works--basically, your entire grade is based on your first-year final, your third-year final, and possibly a third-year project.  I'll scan it when I get home.

The Sheldonian Theatre is a beautiful building, by the way.  It was Christopher Wren's first major project, and his genius shows throughout it.  The interior is rather understated, although I may simply think that because the painted ceiling was covered for repairs.  It's a shame there aren't any tours through it; as far as I know, the only way in is to be invited by somebody who's graduating, or to be a Fellow of one of the colleges.

The thought that my parents might give me a graduation present never crossed my mind.  I now have to decide which laptop I want; the choice is basically between a MacBook (which makes a good Linux machine with some tweaking) and a System 76 box (which is designed specifically for Linux, but doesn't have all the nifty hardware bits of a MacBook).  It couldn't come at a better time--my current laptop is deteriorating fast.

A few other things about the trip:
  • I somehow managed to forget my iPod.  Ugh.
  • We didn't have Internet access until tonight; I got to skip=240 on my friends page, then realized that I wasn't logged in.  Argh.  I read the last couple days of protected posts, but nothing older, so if you said something important point it out to me.
  • I read The Fountainhead during this trip.  It's an excellent novel, although it's not exactly a subtle work; Rand definitely comes right out and says her beliefs.
  • Happy belated birthday, sangochan.  Yours wasn't the only one during this trip--my mother and sister both had their birthdays in England.
I am now sitting in a bath that's so warm I'm sweating.  It's lovely.  We fly out of Stansted Airport tomorrow (we're literally a couple hundred yards from it right now), so we land in Las Vegas on Thursday night.  Then we stay there overnight and drive home sometime Friday.

And now, to finish my bath and go to bed.
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