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Pretty bored today, but without much motivation. Also vaguely depressed...dunno why.

The book I'm reading isn't helping. It's Without Remorse; I picked it (and some pocky) up on the way home from school today. It covers the backstory of one of Clancy's characters, John Clark. It's...very sad. He's an ex-SEAL who eventually becomes a CIA operations guy. His wife is killed in a car crash; he meets another girl six months later, a prostitute running away from a particularly vicious pimp/dealer, but said pimp/dealer catches up to them and kills her. That's the point I'm at now. Clark's a cool character--in books set later (but written earlier) he's very businesslike, inhumanly calm even when he's killing, but of course very much tortured by his past. Of course, I should've realized that reading about that past would be depressing, but I'm at the low point emotionally of the story, so it'll probably get better.

Anyway...yeah. My parents are ordering a credit card for me--their account with my name on it. They say it's for gas and "approved purchases" only. Translation: gas and online. I'll probably start hitting online manga shops...

Driving to school today was interesting. It was a little too quiet--I had to turn on the radio. I left at 10:35 and found a spot at 10:50 for an 11:00 class, so it looks like I can cut the time a little closer--I'll leave twenty minutes early tomorrow, at 9:10 for a 9:30.

There's something else going on, with my mom's career, but I'm not allowed to talk about it... *sighs* That really bugs me.

Really, there's a lot I could do. I could hack on WebAIM or Parrot; I could work on RPs, either reading or writing; I could do some math homework. Hell, I could sleep--except that I've been trying to catch San online all day, with terrible timing. The one time I managed to see her online, I got called downstairs for a plotting session, then had to make and have dinner. (Wednesday's my dinner night.) Actually, there's another thing I could do--I have to do the dishes at some point. But that would entail leaving the computer, which with my luck means that I'd miss her again.

I actually am very tempted to just write off the night. But I know that when I post this, I'll probably just pick my book back up off my bed and go back to reading the depressing bits.

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