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I intimidate the other students

Teacher asked us to do an in-class essay in about ten minutes. I read mine to the class; one response was "You read that off the Internet, didn't you?" (Another, sadly, was "I'm not reading mine after that." *sigh*)

Who or what (besides Cho Seung-Hui) is responsible for the shooting at Virginia Tech and why?

It is a simple reality of our world that there are violent people in it. Whether mentally unbalanced or simply criminal, some people will decide to use force against others. Those people ought to be condemned, but people who are unwilling to face this simple, stark reality deserve a small share of the blame too.

I am speaking about gun control advocates.

A murder--even a multiple murder--at Virginia Tech was virtually inevitable with a deranged student like Cho Seung-Hui on the campus. But the fact that none of the students or teachers on campus could legally be armed turned a murder into a massacre.

No doubt some will blame Seung-Hui's crime on the Glock pistols he carried. The student obtained it legally, but he didn't have to; convicted felons get weapons all the time despite laws preventing them from purchasing them legally. The problem was not that Seung-Hui had a weapon; it's that nobody else did. If Seung-Hui had been carrying a rapier and nobody else on campus had so much as a pocketknife, the result would have been the same. It is the difference in armament, not the presence of it, that causes mass killings.

What would have happened if students could arm themselves freely? Surely at least one person in the many classrooms he attacked would have had a weapon equal to Seung-Hui's. He could have been stopped when the death toll stood at ten instead of thirty-two. It would still have been a tragedy--but not on anywhere near the same scale.
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