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That darn iPhone

Apple is masterfully manipulating the information getting out to people. But the one critical bit of info they haven't given out yet is the monthly rates.

The fact that they haven't suggests to me that they'll be killer. Why? Because every bit of news thus far has been better than the last—better batteries and screen; a YouTube client; Word, Excel and PDF support. They're masterfully playing the media. I've been by the Apple Store a couple times in the last few days (my sister just got a MacBook), and there's always someone standing and staring at the giant iPhone displays.

If it was going to be bad news, Apple could've buried it in a press release three months ago. But instead they're holding it until launch week—some people think it won't even be until launch day. Bad news then would shrink their lines quite a bit, so why would they hold it back?

It also helps that AT&T isn't subsidizing the phone; that means they can get by with a lower service charge.

My guess is that we'll see packaging very soon (Apple always shows their packaging, look at any of the iPod launches) and a rather remarkable monthly rate no sooner than Thursday.

(I won't be in line Friday, though—at least, not unless a series of very unlikely events occurs, including both a better plan than I think they could possibly afford and a firm decision on college.)

EDIT: They released it today. It's fairly good, but nowhere near the sort of amazing I'd need to be able to afford it. Le sigh.
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