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The Kennedy Conspirators' Meeting

Picture the first planning meeting of the Conspirators. "So that's carried then, nem. con. We'll kill the president. Please come to order; we have a lot of business to get through. Thank you. Next item, gentlemen, how do we do it? Anyone got any ideas? Chair recognizes the gentleman from Langley.

"Well, we could kill him, as the motorcade comes through Dealey Plaza. This would be real neat because we would do it in full view of hundreds of people. Just for the hell of it, we could place several shooters in positions where they might easily be spotted, and put our non-shooting patsy in a terrific concealed position where he could hardly miss. Then we could have our patsy run around all over the place, trusting to luck that he would not do anything which would give him an alabi, have him shoot a policeman and then have him picked up, and shot later by a loony strip-club owner. Meanwhile, we would be stealing the body of the president, having a crack team of surgeons alter the wounds so that the shots would seem to come from the patsy's location. We would also make sure we got our hands on the hundreds of still photographs and the several movies of this event, and substitute fakes which we would have prudently concocted in advance, and we would remove all the real bullets and substitute fake ones....How am I doing?"

Surely this guy's career as a Conspirator would be over at this point. I have heard some dumb suggestions in meetings, but this one fairly bristles with absurdities.
--Liberty Magazine, "Wasn't It a Little Crowded on that Grassy Knoll?"

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