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So, yesterday two things happened.


One was that I went to the endocrinologist again. She decided to up my daily thyroid dose to 75mg. Then she checked some of my test results and discovered I'm leptin resistant.

Leptin is a hormone secreted by fat cells into the bloodstream. The brain uses it to monitor your level of body fat—if it doesn't sense enough leptin, it slows your metabolism and releases other hormones that cause the body to store excess energy as fat and increase appetite. Since I'm leptin resistant, my brain doesn't sense much of the leptin in my blood and basically concludes that I'm starving to death.

Which, uh, explains why I'm at 270 lbs. I don't eat right, but I'm not that bad.

The treatment, besides thyroid hormones to increase my metabolism, is a drug called Byetta. It's intended for type 2 diabetes; using it to treat leptin resistance is an off-label use. It does various things, such as boosting insulin levels when it's too low and decreasing appetite, which counter the leptin resistance.

There are two drawbacks. One is that it's administered by injection (a tiny needle—1/4 inch long and 31 gauge, which is about a quarter of a millimeter wide); fortunately, the needle is so small that it doesn't bother me at all. The second is that your blood sugar can totally crash if you don't eat within an hour of taking it. But I can deal with that.


The second thing that happened was due to my brother. He works at Medieval Times (as a squire, training to be a knight). Well, apparently the TV show Last Comic Standing decided to film one of their challenges there, putting on a "Last Jester Standing" competition with the eight comics who are left at this point—and employees had first dibs on tickets. So I spent from about 10:30 to 1am listening to comedy and voting by waving a colored flag.

The comedy was...alright. Not great—it had to be medieval-themed, so no doubt the comics had to come up with it on very short notice—but it was reasonably good. The two at the end, at least, had some pretty good material lined up.

My favorite bit, though, was near the end. I was bored, so I started tapping out a beat on the table with the shafts of my flags. To my surprise, the rest of the audience picked it up. I've no idea if the director got a shot of it, but it was fun to do.

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