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Plot bunnies

(ganked from chiave_trust)

Lots of people keep a file of plot-bunnies, snippets of conversation, quotes, lyrics, ideas, inspiration--whatever. The sole purpose of this meme is to 'show me yours and I'll show you mine'.

  • The name "Incorvia". Melanie Incorvia was the admissions officer for Irvine at Chapman; I thought her last name was great. (Although considering how trying to get into Chapman went, I think my Incorvia would be a villain...)
  • Interesting fact: if you could take down the root DNS servers, the Internet would slowly implode over the course of a week. I think that has potential.
  • A story where everybody has an electronic "coprocessor"—basically a computer that stays with them from birth to death, assisting them with everything. When you walk into a room, your coprocessor identifies everyone in it; when you see a math problem, your coprocessor solves it. The premise: what happens when someone starts feeding them false information?
  • A real, proper dystopia, based around having to explain all your movements to the authorities.
  • I have an incredible collection of plot bunnies around Wide Awake that, even if I do write it, I may not be able to work in:
    • Alan Turing basically invented the mathematical foundations of modern computers. He was also gay, and was persecuted for it. I've sometimes thought that this is part of why hackers are so tolerant.
    • The touchscreens on their computers have enough tactile control to form Braille letters, which is used to allow people to feel the centers of keys on the otherwise featureless portion of screen that acts as the keyboard. As a consequence, people who use keyboards enough tend to pick up Braille. Plot point: somebody has the screen display one thing, but read as another in Braille.
    • Long-distance travel by Pipe—a mag-lev train in an airless tube so that there's basically zero friction. And the local station would be named Taggart Terminal, as a reference to Atlas Shrugged. And the dramatic approach to Charing Cross Station (a rail bridge leads over the Thames right next to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament; the station is immediately at the other end of the bridge) is making me think about what Taggart Terminal might look like...
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