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Birthday report

Well, as I start writing this, I'm twelve minutes from being eighteen. w00t.

Last night was my birthday "party". Really, it was just a dinner, at TGI Friday's. But the birthday...stuff...started earlier in the day.

I've wanted a pair of speakers with a subwoofer for a few months, but my parents weren't really sure what to get, so Dad brought me to Microcenter to pick something out. I ended up getting a Logitech Z-640--a 5.1 surround sound system. w00t.

I also picked up a little board I thought would plug in to my motherboard and add six-channel support to the on-board sound. Turned out that I had the wrong model--the add-on was for the KK-266+, and I had the KK-266. So I had to run back out with Dad to exchange it for a cheap sound card.

That card did work, except that it caused weird clicking. Logitech's site said that such things were caused by sound boards without decent filtering, and that the solution was to get a better board. So I ran out (on my own this time, with a borrowed credit card) and got a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 card, which was $30 more--but it's not my money anyway. :^)

I also stopped at Radio Shack and got some cables so I can do a nice, neat run along the perimeter of my room for the back speakers.

Well, got home and put in the SoundBlaster. Everything was fine, and the drivers loaded cleanly, so I started up Winamp with Eternal by Evanescence.

The sound quality is simply phenomenal. I was amazed--I've never heard recorded music that good. The satellite speakers (front/back left/right--as opposed to center and subwoofer) were small but excellent.

And then, a couple minutes into the song, it just froze.

It froze hard. No keyboard, no mouse, no three-finger salute. I had to hit the reset button.

I've been working on that since then, but to no avail. I checked both Creative Labs's site and Iwill (the motherboard manufacturer)'s. I'm currently waiting on a message board to see if anyone knows what's wrong. This is being posted from my dad's computer, as a matter of fact.

Anyway, so Grandma got here around six. Grandpa was supposed to come too, but he apparently wasn't feeling well...after pigging out on a cruise where he ate a huge pile of shrimp every night. *rolls eyes*

She pulled out the presents--four of them, to my surprise. I said I'd open them in the order she'd handed them to me. So, I ripped open the first one.

PS2 controller.

I immediately reached for the biggest one to see if it was what I thought it was, but she told me not to. I shrugged and ripped open the second one--PS2 memory card.

The third one was a savings bond, a very typical present from them. (My grandfather is quite into finances and the market.) The last one was, as expected, a PS2.

Believe it or not, it gets better. Grandma didn't know that the console didn't come with any games; when she realized that, she dragged us out to the nearest game store and told me to pick two. I ended up with TimeSplitters 2, a game I play with my offline friend Michael a lot, and Ace Combat 04, a jet-fighter game. My brother bought two RPGs for himself--FFX and an original Playstation game called Legend of Dragoon.

Grandma was surprised to see a golf game, and bought it for herself. I doubt she'll be able to play it, but whatever...

We also noticed a banner for SSX 3. Since SSX Tricky is one of our all-time favorite games, my brother and I both freaked. It's coming out'll run out to the shop after he gets home and buy it.

The restrictions on my license will be dropped by then. :^)

So we went to the restaurant, and then home. We played a game (called Catch Phrase--it's one of those "get your teammates to say the word" games), and Grandma left, and we played TimeSplitters and Ace Combat all night. :^)

Good day, all in all.

Well, I've now been eighteen for seven minutes. w00tn3ss.

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