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  • 01:08 @Sareth Seriously. I sat in the middle of a *shopping center* on a fine day in *SoCal* and managed to keep my attention on my damn book. #
  • 01:14 And now off to watch my sister's sorority do some sort of skit. I probably won't notice if any of them are pretty, because I'm girlblind... #
  • 07:37 ...it was both sororities *and* fraternities, and thus involved many fratboys in drag. Anyone have some brain-bleach? #
  • 07:38 @kendermouse Un-cute hacker is girlblind. I don't casually notice if a girl is attractive or not; I have to consciously ask myself about it. #
  • 09:28 @kendermouse "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me honesty or give me death!" (With apologies to Mr. Henry.) #
  • 10:37 @kendermouse Then you're delusional or something. >.> #
  • 19:53 @shinmeko The masks are usually licensed, official ones, and there's no copyright in appearing. Photos are a little iffier, but likely okay. #
  • 19:54 @shinmeko Even if WB could claim copyright in a photo of a crowd of protesters in V masks, the news and parody exemptions would override it. #
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