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SSX update

I'm on peak 3. I beat its only race level (Gravitude); I've been challenged by Psymon to a run on The Throne (peak 3's backcountry course), but haven't accepted it yet.

Gravitude is like Alaska, but about a million times more awesome. It's fast and icy, like its predecessor, but unlike its predecessor it's dynamic in a big way. Signs fall over and knock out packed snow; entire sections of ice fall away, creating huge jumps; at one point, a tangle of rails and signs creates an intricate web of grinds. To give you an idea of how bad conditions are there, there are cloth banners with the SSX 3 logo throughout all three peaks; on the third peak, the banners are all tattered, with ripped-up ends flapping in the wind.

The trick levels in this game are hard. I have two racing levels left (The Throne and then the full-mountain run), but at least half a dozen trick levels. I've gotten gold on all the race levels, but I still have silver on some of the trick levels. I've completed peak 2's races, but not its trick runs.

Oh, I've maxed out Kaori's stats. Next I work on getting songs--you have to buy songs to get them on a custom playlist, and there's one song in the game that's so annoying that I had to switch to a playlist.

I think there's an "A" indented in my right thumb...
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