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Probably have some stuff on the weather later...it was weird today.

Anyway, I got two major things accomplished today. The first was to wire up all the game consoles we have set up right now (PS2, Gamecube, N64, old NES) through a switchbox and give my family a crash course in its use. It's now all neat and stuff...now the parents just want us to organize all the games. *sighs*

The second was visiting a comic shop in the shopping center next to UCI. (Yes, that's Ais's school--it's in my city.) The store was called "Alakazam" or somesuch; apparently my brother has been getting Magic cards there for years, but never mentioned it to me. I found out about it last night, when I went out with some offline friends for dinner (at In 'n Out), but they were closed then. Anyway, the place has better selection than the Manga House store in the Spectrum; they had both Ranma #5 and OMG #2 (finally!), which I bought. They also had a pretty good set of the old printing of Ranma and I think a lot of the old Inu-Yasha printing too, so I'll have to decide if I care about the printing or not.

I'm gonna hold off on reading those until I finish Clancy's Debt of Honor, though--I think the contrast between Clancy Japanese people and manga Japanese people would be too jarring...