Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax


  • 03:21 It takes several minutes to upload even a small test program to an iPhone. Obj-C regards several common errors as warnings. These don't mix. #
  • 06:12 Benihana. Omnomnom. #
  • 06:25 @kitsuko Then come visit. You can steal my bed again! #
  • 06:47 @kitsuko Sorry, the cat doesn't live here anymore, remember? #
  • 07:44 @kitsuko I'm not so sure he'd appreciate a rescue... #
  • 07:51 @Sareth My cat has moved in with my sister and her housemates, who are in various sororities. #
  • 08:11 @kitsuko You just want even more kitties because the Reids don't have enough for you. #
  • 10:03 Doing one of the most enjoyable things on my to-do-before-England list: unlocking all songs in Rock Band for Dad. #
  • 10:55 Apple rejected my Converter 1.2 update--they found an obscure crasher. Fixed it and a couple related issues and resubmitted earlier. #
  • 10:57 Unit testing is *badly* needed in the iPhone SDK. I keep finding obscure corners of my apps that have been broken by later changes. #
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