Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax


  • 01:03 @kitsuko Leaving tomorrow, arriving the day after. Figured we could deal with the tables in person. #
  • 02:05 @kitsuko Duffel bag? #
  • 07:54 God, I haul so much crap with me across oceans... #
  • 08:33 My home computer setup: Shame the screen and speakers can't come to England with me. #
  • 17:21 @kendermouse I'll try to hit Twitter or something, at least. If I have time, do you want a call during my layover tonight? #
  • 18:23 Messed up, won't be carrying enough medicine over. Have two months to fix it, though. #
  • 19:53 Getting on plane to Chicago. #
  • 20:13 @kendermouse I will. Catch you on the flipside. #
  • 20:14 (w00t, a row with seat power all to myself!) #
Courtesy LoudTwitter
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