Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax


  • 12:06 Just showed Converter to a classmate: "Oh, I have that one! It's great!" #
  • 13:46 Every day @CNN_top says that stocks will rise today, and every day they fall. Clearly the markets aren't listening to Our Insect Overlords. #
  • 15:01 Waterstones Canterbury is a place of wonder and joy for fangirls: #
  • 15:28 @kitsuko Kitties! #
  • 18:37 @kendermouse Indeed. Maybe we should set up an office here--there's a place on the hill called Hackington House... #
  • 19:44 @niklassaers It's the buf[i]. How many bytes of memory does a void take up? #
  • 20:03 @niklassaers As I understand it, void has no size at all--sizeof(void) is illegal. You have to use a type with a size to use an indexer. #
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