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Well...my brother's friend Daniel flew in from Texas again. (His mom works for Delta, so he gets free tickets.) He and my brother are now playing some melee-fighting game on the PS2. He brought with him a pretty cool game, called Freedom Fighters; the premise is that Soviets (with a very different history than the one we know) have taken over New York, and you're part of a band of rebels fighting back.

Stuff I did today:
  • Got a calling card.

  • Piggybacked said calling card on a legitimate purchase of groceries, thus putting it on the credit card, where it will hopefully get lost in the underflow. *cackles maniacally*

  • Shipped Darci's birthday present.

  • Shipped some bishie pocky to Mahou-chan--she apparently can't get that variety.

  • Helped with all the backyard work.

  • Did a bit of writing--an attempt at a sequel to my MT fics Memory and Forgiveness.