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Got home...about five hours ago, I guess. Since then I've been reading and eating lunch.

New York was...interesting. We stayed with a somewhat distant cousin, Wendy, who apparently negotiates business deals for JP Morgan/Chase. She lives in a fairly nice apartment in the East Village; she's apparently lived in NY since she left college.

We didn't do much touristy stuff; we did hit Times Square, which I didn't get to see on the summer trip, but only brliefly, because the weather was...disagreeable. In fact, it was very cold (at least to a native Southern Californian) the entire time we were there. I lost count of the number of times I thought Why would anyone want to live here?

Actually, though, besides the weather I actually liked it. The convenience of being able to ride an elevator, walk a block or two, and enter a restaurant is nice, as is the convenience of being able to walk to the street and just wave at a taxi (although the price isn't). The subway is tolerable this time of year, since apparently Hell's fires are turned down outside of the summer months, probably because of the price of natural gas.

I'm not really sure how the interview went. Before the interview, I was handed a short--just over a single page--article on a breakthrough in nanotechnology; I was given a half hour to study the article, then Dr. Harris, a biochem tutor, interviewed me. Perhaps a third to a half of the time was spent discussing the article; the remaining time was spent assessing my knowledge of computers. In the former half, I felt like I made a few mistakes. At one point, for example, he asked me how I thought heat would disrupt the nanotech device; I responded that sufficient heat would break the chemical bonds, and needed some prompting to get to the conclusion he was looking for, that the normal atomic vibration that actually "forms" heat could upset the device. In the computer part, I was a bit weak on the hardware side--I openly admitted that I had no idea how a DAC worked, although the way he treated that, I don't think he expected me to--but fairly solid on software.

I don't have any idea how I did, but that seems to be a pattern--from what I heard, the other interviewees didn't know either. So...well, I figure I'll have use for it sooner or later, so in honor of the weather I dodged by leaving California a day early, I'm going to get an SKS blanket. :^)

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