Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax

Christmas...well, Hanukkah...list


Thinkgeek wish list--that's the same one my family's getting, so the price range is rather wider than I'd realistically expect from a mob of high-school- and college-age otaku.

I'm not going to post the rest of my family's version of the list, for similar price reasons. However, in general...
  • I'm happy to get actual legal copies of anything copyrighted I'm currently stealing. In music, that includes Evanescence, the Reloaded album, and Pink Floyd, among countless others. One thing I'm not stealing is BNL, because my parents listen to them too. In movies, that includes just about everything but LOTR and the Matrix movies. (Not that I expect any movies--DVDs are too damn expensive.)
  • In anime and manga, I'm currently reading Inu-Yasha, but I'm tearing through that fast enough that I may be read up by the end of the year. I'm occasionally watching the CN dub, but not a whole lot. One thing I've hat a lot of trouble with is Oh My Goddess--I've not been able to find anything between the first and fifteenth issues.
  • Pocky is always welcome. :^)
  • Games are also probably too expensive to be realistic, but I mostly like shooters and flight sims. The only PC shooter I own is Elite Force (the original); the only console shooter is TS2. In flight sims, I just have Ace Combat 04. I'd be quite happy to get a legal copy of UT, any version, for PC or PS2 (don't think they have 'cube).
  • And of course, the stuff you can't buy is quite welcome too. :^)
[edit]Fixed the Thinkgeek link.[/edit]

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