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Weird...I just loaded up Tricky, to see if my skills had degraded at all. Pulled up Kaori, played World Circuit Race at Merqury City. The weird thing was that there's some sort of frame-rate difference that threw me off for a minute or two--Tricky feels a bit jerky compared to its successor. Like I said, it only threw me for a couple minutes.

There's some subtle differences in the trick system--SSX 3 will usually finish flips for you, for example, while Tricky leaves you upside down if that's where you stop holding the button. There's also a difference in timing with the jump button--you have to release earlier on Tricky. These threw me enough that I didn't get superboost on any of my three runs until I was almost to the subway section.

Still, I did get first on Merqury, so I don't completely suck. And my mental maps of the course are still great.
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