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Inu-Yasha #16 will be out sometime later this month. This is a Good Thing, since #15 left off in a cliffhanger. Of course, 16 will probably do the same...

Oh, and after a bit of confusion with the comic shop (I grabbed volume 1 instead of 7), I now have the old edition of Ranma #7 (and $1.08 of store credit). I'm also starting to run out of space on my bookshelf for all of this stuff, mostly because I pretty much refuse to sell any book I've read, which is probably an extension of my old habit of re-reading books a lot. (I first picked up Jurassic Park in fourth grade; by seventh or eighth, I'd read it sixteen times.)

I guess I feel a bit like those books say something about me. They tell the tale of my life and interests at a glance, even some things none of you know, such as my minor fascination with the Titanic. A few have sentimental value--my copy of Knuth's Fundamental Algorithms was my father's during college, and still has his name ("Jack Gordon" at the time--he hadn't married my mother yet) written inside the cover. But most are just cheap mass-market paperbacks, nothing special about them, except that I've read them. Perhaps that's part of it too--they're almost a sort of trophy case. Where other people have rows and rows of shiny trophies and medals, I have stacks and stacks of books I've read. Interesting.
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