Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax

- name: Brent Royal-Gordon
- age: 18
- piercings: none
- tattoos: none
- height: 5'9"-ish
- shoe size: 12
- hair color: Dark brown
- length: Short--short enough to finger-comb
- siblings: One brother, one sister, both younger

- movie you went to see: Matrix Revolutions
- movie you bought: ...come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever bought a--oh yeah, the X-Files movie on DVD. I think.
- song you listened to: "Hey Yeah" (on the radio)
- song that was stuck in your head: Same.
- cd you bought: SSX 3 soundtrack--came free with a preorder of the game
- cd you listened to: Same.
- person you've called: Probably Liz. I'm putting off calling Earthlink because of my irrational fear of phones.
- person that's called you: Mom, but I was away from my cell phone, so I didn't pick up.
- tv show you've watched: Inuyasha last night. Or CSI if you want something mainstream.
- person you were thinking of: *shrugs*

DO ..
- you have a bf or gf: I wish
- you have a crush on someone: No.
- you wish you could live somewhere else: Not just to live there.
- you think about suicide: In the abstract.
- you believe in online dating: If you mean sites where you try to meet people to form a RL relationship...not really. But when an existing OL relationship grows into dating? Yeah, I believe in that.
- others find you attractive: I doubt it.
- you want more piercings: Poking holes in my body has never appealed to me.
- you drink: No, despite parents who would buy the drinks for me.
- you do drugs: Nope.
- you smoke: Negatory.
- you like cleaning: Not a chance in Hell.
- you like roller coasters: Sure. As long as it doesn't go backwards.
- you write in cursive or print: Print, even though schools kinda forgot to teach me how.
- you carry a donor card: I should.

- long distance relationships: They can work, but they take work.
- using someone: Against.
- killing people: Only in self-defense. I'm against the death penalty because there's no chance to appeal the sentence if new evidence comes to light.
- teenage smoking: Darwin at work.
- premarital sex: For.
- driving drunk: The fools.
- gay/lesbian relationship: Whatever floats their boat.
- soap operas: 3v1l! The only time I'd consider executions okay is if they were for soap opera writers/cast/crew. Or Barney.

- food: Pizza, pocky, filet mignon, good chocolate ice cream
- song: Depends on what I've been listening to.
- thing to do: Hack.
- thing to talk about: Hacking.
- sports: Hockey, I suppose.
- drinks: Diet Coke
- clothes: Thinkgeek. w00t
- movies: The Matrix, Star Trek: First Contact, the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
- band/singer: Depends on the mood. Evanescence and Barenaked Ladies are duking it out at the moment.
- holiday: Hanukkah. Presents are good. :^)
- new annoying saying: No shit, Godzilla! (A friend complained about my old annoying saying "No shit, Sherlock!" and asked if I could at least change the person once in a while.)
- scent: Hmmmmm...Mom or my sister making chocolate-chip cookies? I like thems too.
- word: Tapioca. Pronounced correctly, it's hilarious.
- nickname: Brent. My real name is Brenton, but I hate that.
- guy name: Alan, maybe?
- girl name: Cristina
- eye color: Dunno.
- flower: Um...pretty?
- piercing: None.
- actor: *shrugs*

number ..
- of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?: A few.
- of people I consider my enemies?: Don't think I have any.
- of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: Once that I know of, on a letter to the editor.
- of scars on my body?: A couple, mostly X-Acto knife cuts on accident. The most viisble is on the outside of my left hand; it's perhaps half an inch long.
- of things in my past that I regret?: Lots, mostly the negative results of laziness.

- handsome/pretty: No. And anyone who says otherwise is lying. Like my family, for example.
- funny: Yeah, sometimes, espeically with people I'm really familiar with. Probably a quarter of what I say to my father is humor, even if it's just subtle wordplay.
- hot: Not a chance in Hell.
- friendly: Not usually.
- amusing: Perhaps.
- loveable: Dunno.
- pessimistic: More or less.
- optimistic: On a few things.
- caring: Yeah, for people I know.
- sweet: Maybe. Nobody's ever said either way.
- dorky: "Hi, my name is Brent, and I'm a geek." *applause*
- The story behind your user name: I realized pretty early on that I needed an online name, and took that of my favorite Trek character, Jadzia Dax. I changed the first name when I realized that all the invitations to cyber just might have to do with me having a female username.
- Are you straight?: Yeah.
- Where do you live?: Irvine, CA.
- 4 words that sum you up: Smart, naive...uh, dunno.

- Wallet: Home-made, of duct tape.
- Toothbrush: Green electric.
- Pillow cover: Black
- Blanket: Um...fluffy?
- Coffee cup: Clear plastic, because I mostly just have frappucinos.
- Sunglasses: $6 "Oakley", meaning Mexican. They broke the third day I had them.
- Shoes: A bit tattered, but okay.
- Favorite top: My "I am a circumvention device" anti-DMCA shirt. I wear it when traveling--I've had flight attendants and security people stop to read it.
- CD in stereo right now: None. Winamp is my friend.
- What you are wearing now: T-shirt and boxers--I'm taking a shower soon.
- hair: Lost cause, until I shower at least.

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are) -
- In my mouth: Air?
- In my head: Braaaaaaaaaaaaains.
- Wishing: that I knew how I was going to pay for A-kon.
- After this: Calculus. Eww.
- Talking to: Nobody.
- Eating: Nothing.
- Fetishes: ...moving on...
- If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?: Attourney General Ashcroft. Bush is stupid, but Ashcroft is evil.
- Person you wish you could see right now: Liz, Darci...hell, just about everyone I know online.
- Is next to you: Empty room.
- Something you're looking forward to in this upcoming month: Hanukkah.
- Something that you are deathly afraid of?: Failing Calculus?

- Do you like candles: *shrugs* They're okay, I guess.
- Do you like hot wax: Dunno.
- Do you like incense: Sometimes.
- Do you like the taste of blood: Not really.
- Do you believe in love: Yeah.
- Do you believe in soul mates: Sorta. I don't think there's anything supernatural or spiritual involved--I just think that some people just happen to be perfect matches for others.
- Do you believe in love at first sight: Dunno.
- Do you believe in forgiveness: Not really sure.
- Do you believe in God: Not a chance in Hell.

- What do you want done with your body when you die: I want it to be reanimated. ... What?!?
- Who is your worst enemy?: Myself.
- If you could have any animal for a pet: Cat? *shrugs* I like Mocha.
- What is the latest you've ever stayed up: Forty-eight hours.
- Ever been to Belgium?: Nope, but I have been to Denmark.
- Can you eat with chopsticks: My parents are always amazed at it.
- What's your favorite coin?: ...the most valuable one?
- What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?: New York, London, Oxford (duh)...San Diego and LA?
- What are some of your favorite pig out foods? Pocky. Pooooooooooockyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
- What's something that you wish people would understand?: That goverment is bad?
- What's something you wish you could understand better?: Calculus. Evil Calculus.
- Anyone/thing you miss that you haven't seen in a long time?: Darci. And a bunch of people I've technically never seen.

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