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Back to normal

Well, it's seven in the morning here in California. Of course, it's ten in the time zone I'm used to being in, which explains why the hell I'm up already--we never got to sleep in this late there.

I got eight hours of sleep. Which is nice, especially considering that I had what amounted to a twenty-seven hour day. (24 hour day + 3 due to time zone change = 27 hour day)

Can't eat yet--I have a blood test this morning, one with a 12-hour fasting period before it. It had to be done today because my mom's about to leave again.

Tomorrow she leaves on a research trip to England. This means she'll have been traveling for over a month (with the conference before the East Coast trip) and have been home for some four or five days. She's doing this because she doesn't have much of a choice--the conference was fixed, and the other two she only has time for right now. Sucks to be her, though.

Gah, just got distracted from this by chat and lost my train of thought... *sighs* Maybe it'll come back to me later.

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