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Quota limitations

Got an automatic warning message from my web host today--I've taken up 80% of my disk quota, mostly because of Filespace. A few minutes of poking around revealed the reason--someone uploaded an eighty megabyte MP3. *sighs* Still, I gotta figure out where the hell the other three hundred megabytes on my server is going...

In other news, I bought my first MT swag today--a bag (which I'll use for school) and a "ph34r t3h cute ones" shirt. I also got one of the anti-RIAA shirts--the ones where $2 of the price goes to EFF. So I've supported two good causes today, which is nice. :^)

Lesee, what else...I finally fixed my e-mail, which wasn't downloading for some reason. I got 1200 spams while I was gone--and that was just the ones the filters caught. There were another couple hundred they missed.

Hmm, maybe the quota problems were because the server's stored e-mail was getting too big...

I also went to the doctor's...well, the nurse's. I'm taking a generic form of Acutane, and they need to monitor me fairly closely while I take it, to make sure it doesn't frag my liver or make me suicidal. I can get my next month of drugs once my labs clear, which'll be on Wednesday.

Yesterday, when I got home, my grandfather informed me that he had volunteered me for a web job. *sighs* I really wish he wouldn't do that--I'm starting school soon, and I'm not really sure what the workload will be like. The bright side: I think that between this job and the current one I'm doing, I'll be able to afford A-kon. Which is nice.

To do list for the rest of today:
  • Go to the community college and get my prereqs cleared.

  • Wait for phone call from second (new) client.

  • Work on first client's site.

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