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Bride of Lying in wait

I finally talked to Assessment today and filled out two challenge forms. They said that the CIS class is practically a done deal, but the math class is a bit less certain--they scrutinize those more carefully. I can't imagine that they'd find anything wrong, though--I gave them a report card showing that I completed precalc with an A.

Anyway, I secured permission to register preliminarily for the classes--I have to go in next week to make sure the challenges were accepted. My schedule will probably be:

<td>N/A</td><td bgcolor="silver">Probably never</td><td>CIS 50L - Computer lab</td></tr>
Tues, Thurs9:30am-11:00CIS 37 - C++ Programming
Mon7:00pm-10:00CIS 40 - Assembly Programming
Mon, Weds
Math 3 - Analytical Geometry and Calculus I
N/A2 hours per weekPE 192 - Life Fitness Center (gym)

Now I just have to wait and see if they've approved my challenges...
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