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Well, my parents and brother are arguing about what to do and how to get there. As mentioned last night, my brother's a subway expert--but he needs to know the stations first, so he's been plotting hypotheticals so far. I figured I'd take the chance to talk about my life's subplot at this point: college registration.

I'm hoping to get into a nice, four-year college, but as a backup plan I'm signing up at the local community college and taking classes to metriculate into a computer science program. However, things keep standing in my way...

Registration opened for me at six PM on the day I flew out--that was actually how I justified hauling the laptop around to my parents. So, here's the scene nine days ago: Mom's tanding behind me as I log in to the site. I browse around for a bit, finally finding the "add classes" button. I click on it and wait for the page to load.

It informs me that there's a "K-12 hold" on my record, and I need to contact admissions and records to get it cleared.

Now, the last two years of high school for me were spent in independent study, and I took several classes at this community college for that. But I graduated from high school in June, so that hold shouldn't be on my record. I fired off an e-mail to admissions and waited.

That was a Friday, and it was three time zones away, so I didn't get a reply until Monday night. It basically said that I had to bring in a photocopy of my diploma.

Realize that I'm about three thousand miles from either my diploma or the college.

I asked if someone else could bring it in for me, and they said that would work, so my grandmother (who lives twenty minutes from my house) brought it in on Thursday. Thursday night, we logged in and tried again.

"K-12 hold--contact admissions and records."

We decided to wait, and last night we logged in again. This time the hold was gone--w00t--so we started signing up.

Parents have made a decision, so I have to run now--part two will go up next time I have computer time...

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