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Did today:
  • Took care of college stuff.
  • Helped Sango-chan with some Web stuff.
  • Wasted loads of time.
  • Twiddled with next BfC post.
Not exactly what I had on my to do list, but whatever...

I've determined that I can probably get from my house to the manga shop via bus, and it shouldn't be that difficult. I suppose that's a Good Thing. I didn't do the book stuff today because I was expecting Mom to leave in the morning, not the evening as she actually did.

It turns out that the client was supposed to call yesterday. I have no idea why she hasn't yet...

It also turns out that she's a relative of mine--second cousin, twice removed, or somesuch. I've met her before, but I didn't remember. *rolls eyes*

I mentioned Makotobot to my dad on the drive home...we ended up arguing over whether I should find a way to make her distinguish between "what", "who", and "where" questions. *sighs* He's convinced I can do it by mapping "is at" to "where" and "is a" to "who"--I seriously doubt it's that easy.

Well, guess who has the source. :^)

Daystar Exposures Today: 2 (college stuff; driving Mom to the airport and dinner)