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Jas: Heh.... if Mahou ever met Ei, though, she'd nearly instantly mallet him.
Brent: Why?
Jas: Ei's a Unix wizard, right?
Jas: "Wizard" or "sorcerer" in Japanese is translated to "mahoutsukai" - literally, "magic-user".
Jas: Mahou means magic.
Jas: Ergo, as soon as Ei said what he is, Mahou will Mallet him.

Layer upon layer of puns...

Oh, and a minute or two later it develops that the Japanese term for "Unix wizard" is probably something like "unikusu no mahoutsukai". Fascinating stuff, languages...too bad they're so fscking hard.


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Dec. 19th, 2003 12:49 am (UTC)
Two sets of kana, and the kanji characters... different grammar setup, subtle nuances of speech...

And I dont' find Japanese all that hard. Hell, I couldn't even say a simple phrase in Portuguese ("Thank you") right - I said it "obrigado" (how guys say it) instead of "obrigada" (how girls say it). Gah >.<

I'll stick to saying "Arigatou" or somesuch now, thank you very much. ^^;;;
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