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Well, my day's been pretty good so far.

Woke up at eight, and wasted a few hours in the morning. I ran laundry and came up to the computer, just in time for Sango-chan to leave. *sighs* After that, I showered, got dressed, and walked the twenty minutes or so to the nearest bookstore.

On the way, I came across a cell lying in the grass. It was a Motorola, running on T-Mobile. I looked through the address book and called the "HOME" entry, but a garbage truck drove by at an inopportune moment, so I'm not sure if I got through to an answering machine or not. If I did, they have my home phone, and will hopefully call tonight; if I didn't, I'll try again tomorrow.

On the other hand, if the phone's prepaid, I wouldn't mind if I can't find the owner. It's a pretty nice phone...still, I'll do what I can to figure out who it belongs to.

My local B&N isn't terribly well stocked, but it's been sufficient for most of my needs. They only had IY 2 and 11-14 (11 and 12 were apparently from an earlier printing or something--the cover designs didn't match the ones I have), but they had The Farther Shore, the Star Trek book I've been looking for. I bought that and went to a nearby Ruby's for lunch, my first meal of the day.

Hot dog, skinny fries, Diet Coke. I'm very hungry now, which tells me I should've eaten more then, but whatever.

So I sat at my table (yes, alone) and ate and read. I read...maybe sixty pages before I left. Read all the way home, and kept reading once I got back. I basically read it in one sitting.

Yeah, it was that good.

The only real flaw in it was the ending--it ended with a conversation between two characters about what the other characters were doing, which I always hate. Still, it was an excellent book, and I recommend it to Star Trek fans.

So, I finished and came up here to write this.

And I did.


Just sent an e-mail to my first client, asking him if he's written any copy for the site in the last couple weeks. Knowing him, he probably hasn't. *sighs* And I'm still waiting for my new client to call...

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