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Lotsa presents...

Okay, had the family-wide Hanukkah tonight, which was a load of fun. My l00t, in rough order of coolness:

  • A toy plane with "Dallas Express" on the side, accompanied by a note saying that my grandparents would pay for me to get to A-kon with airline miles. The plane is totally kawaii--I need to find the digital camera so I can post a picture.

  • A Rio MP3 player, with 128mb internal memory and a 32mb MMC card. The included earphones sucked, and the backlight interferes with the FM tuner, but other than those it's perfect. I'm listening to it right now.

  • Rainbow Six 3 for PC.

  • A pair of Thinkgeek shirts--M.A.D. and Follow The White Rabbit.

  • Another shirt, with a fairly old but still funny caption: "I can only please one person a day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow's not looking good either."

  • The Microsloth Joke Book.

  • A 20-hour (!) phone card.

  • A fairly nifty desk clock-thingy.
l00t for others in my family that I'm going to enjoy:
  • Brother: GTA Vice City PS2, TTT extended edition, LOTR: War of the Ring PC game.

  • Dad: various CDs by popular bands (Nickelback, Three Doors Down) that I can rip.

  • Sister: Pirates of the Caribbean, which isn't that great, but she's a technophobic ch1x0r, so what do you expect?
Oh, and apparently all of my gifts were winners--especially the ones for the two little kids. Alex loved his tools, and spent ten or fifteen minutes cutely playing around with them. Bella adored her noisy theme-park toy--it absolutely fascinated her the whole time she had it, which made everyone wish she'd opened it an hour or two earlier.

The most amazing thing, though, was not the gifts I did get--it was the ones I didn't. I didn't get a single thing this year I didn't like, even if some of them weren't on my list. No sweaters that'll just get lost in my closet, or stupid tech trinkets (the clock is too nifty-looking to be stupid). Everything was good. It was amazing.

All in all, not a bad night.

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