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Funny moments from the past few days:

  • Mom the night the server was cut off, asking if I thought making a CafePress store for Filespace would work.

  • Leaving to visit the Sci-Tech Bookstore to find a tech book, and ending up twenty minutes away at Fry's Electronics checking out rackmount cases.

  • The cat jumping up on top of a cabinet Dad was moving so I could relocate the DSL router to avoid a flaky stretch of phone line.

  • Mom insisting on coming to Fry's to keep Dad and I from overspending.

  • Standing in a corner in Fry's, making a call to Microcenter to ask about their CPU prices. (Nobody picked up, unfortunately.)
Other than those, this year has kinda sucked so far...


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Jan. 5th, 2004 10:47 am (UTC)
You know...
Large numbers of rack mount servers get sold on ebay all the time.

Every thing from old Quad PPro 200 sysstems to 8 processor Xeon systems with more Scsi RAID then you'd now what to do with.
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