Brent Dax (brentdax) wrote,
Brent Dax


*blink* Haven't updated in a few days...odd.

Well, Navi is up and running. She's got Debian Linux with a 2.4 series kernel, KDE, gaim (I used it some last night), Perl 5.8.2, Apache 2.0.48, mod_perl, MySQL, ssh, and the obligatory Ruri-Linux-based wallpaper. Her root password is ********. :^P

Still left to do:

  • Configure Exim (or another MTA) and a pop3 package.

  • More security scans--she passed one today, minus an exposed talkd and some Samba ports I'll have to block from Internet traffic.

  • Put her in the DMZ.

  • Configure the DNS--this can only happen after I get upgraded DSL.

Speaking of DSL, my current thought is Speakeasy--anybody out there have first-hand experience with them?
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